The topic 11 lecture, titled ‘spectacle and technology’, discusses several critical ideas and concepts regarding the film industry’s constant and rapid improvement and change of technology. Two perspectives are mentioned within the lecture, one considering new technology essential for this future craft and the other one traditional, focusing on the important of other film form elements. I think that there are both pros and cons to the development of technology, it is as beneficially to the future of the film industry as it is unalike to traditional film.


The term ‘technological determinsts’, is mentioned when referring to filmmakers such as James Cameron, who “see the innovation of technologies as a necessity for evolving their craft.” I agree with this concept, and believe that the incredible technological advancements within our industry can only be beneficial to the future of films. When considering my own filmmaking style, I would say that I am more traditional, and would like to continue exploring more conventional and orthodox methods of technology. Before I can think about immersing myself in the depths of the new technologies, I’d like to master the old ones, in contrast to this a more experience filmmaker would possibly love to experiment with new technology, because of a long career exposed to fairly traditional technology.

In conclusion, technology is constantly changing, and filmmakers will choose to follow a traditional sense or explore new territory. Neither is to say that technology is by any means ruined this craft, it is forever improving it.



One thought on “Technology

  1. Great Blog Claudia!
    Seeing technology evolve in the film industry is such a fascinating concept to follow. Avatar is one of my favorite films, specifically because it’s the first time the industry had taken motion and facial capture to the next level. I agree that technology is improving the film industry, and is in no ways ruining it. If it weren’t for films wanting take the giant leap into this new ago of tech, we wouldn’t have pictures like Avengers, Avatar and Star Wars, which are all loved by millions around the planet.


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