Audiences & The Cinema Experience

As a regular moviegoer, I am extraordinarily passionate about the cinema experience. It’s magical to me. The whole experience, buying the popcorn, being a big dark room, the curtains opening; there’s really nothing quite like it. While the cinema is an experience and a form of entertainment, it connects to audiences on a much deeper and personal level. There are many theories and concepts to do with the interrelation between audience and the cinema experience, some of them include; cognitivism, spectatorship and affect.

I find that when I am at the cinema, deeply invested in what I am watching, I tend to compare the experience to others before me. How am i feeling? Have I felt this way before? What is this similar to? I find that these questions are constantly running through my brain. For me the cinema experience is something that I can relate with my own life, culturally, socially and traditionally. While most moviemakers hope to position the audience in a certain setting, time, space or psych, whilst I’m watching a film at the movies I am positioning myself to envision my own interpretation.

Several techniques are employed by filmmakers to make the characters appear to be more relatable to the audience. Through screenwriting and cinematography this is predominantly achieved, and is a conventional trait that engages the audience, forming a connection that everyone can relate to. When considering how I interact with films in a cinema experience, these are the concepts that are applicable to my experience.




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