Social Media & Your Career

Networking through social media is essential to the Creative industries. Making connections, branding yourself and showcasing your work, are just some of the benefits of social networking. This weeks lecture explored the many ways of how to network, how it can benefit my career, and how to represent myself appropriately, all are crucial in order to be successful. It really gave me food for thought, and has made me consider what I can do now to further and establish my professional social profile.


Regarding my own discipline of film, the most suitable and popular social networking platforms include Vimeo, Facebook and Youtube. These platforms allow inspiring filmmakers to showcase their work, whilst also staying updated and connected with professionals, who could potentially employ you, or just serve as inspiration.  The lecture considered several techniques and strategies in regards to social networking, all dependent on your own objectives. Regardless of the outcome you want, it is important to remember that you are representing yourself, so you need to remain professional. But at the same time, you don’t want people identifying you as a robot or the business type, we are still creatives. So act professional, and be yourself without revealing any personal information, it is strictly to showcase your work and stay connected to the industry.

There are many factors that can impact the amount of exposure your posts receive, such as the time you create posts. If you have followers from countries all over the world, then people are going to be viewing your media at various times. So when approaching this topic and thinking about social networking, research is key. Research your audience, research what else is out there, research people you look up to, give yourself an idea of what Social networking in your industry looks like.

In conclusion, this lecture demonstrated just how significant social media is, and how helpful it can be. Motivating me to begin thinking about how I want to present myself professionally and how social media can help me to get myself known. I will continue to do a lot of research and expose myself to social networking platforms and those of who I am inspired by.


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