Interview Techniques

This weeks lecture, all about secret interview techniques, was really thought-provoking and has made me question my own techniques when faced in those situations. What really stood out to me while reading this lecture were the approaches of how I can present myself through my attitude, willingness and responses to conduct a successful interview.  It also pointed out the importance of networking and communication. The techniques and helpful tips that were mentioned in this lecture will help me to know how to avoid fumbling on those tough questions and will guide me to act well and be myself to get the job.


At some point in the hopefully near future, I will be confronted with the slightly nerve-racking and scary prospect of being interviewed for a job in my creative industry. At least I will be prepared, and feel more knowledgable about what to do. I only wish I knew this prior to my current job. Being interviewed for my current job, several questions were asked, such as:

Can you tell me a time when you’ve had to relay something to someone, and it was important to communicate the correct message?

What would relay officer Claudia look like?

It was these questions that caught me off guard, and I have to say made me um and ah, until I could babble something that would seem like an appropriate answer. Its only now that I realise that there was no right or wrong answers, it was how I approached the questions, which was a central topic in the lecture. Employers ask sneaky questions to receive an idea of the candidates personality, habits and their general self. So its not so much about the actual answer, its about how you came to that answer. It is these questions that distinguish you from everybody else, so be creative and be yourself.


Another important aspect that must be discussed in regards to interviews, is actually getting one. Formatting is crucial. Take care when writing your resume and cover letter, making sure there are no mistakes. Be proactive and research the company, be informed. It is essential to show your eagerness to be apart of the team or that specific company.

In conclusion, this weeks lecture made me feel like I now have a much better understanding of how to conduct myself in future interviews. It has made me think outside of the box, and really consider how I want to be perceived by potential employers. I will continue working on my identity to assure I can be a true representation of the employee that I recognise myself as.



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