The Money Factor

This week’s lecture, titled ‘Your income & Your Art’, was about making money through our own creative discipline through the work in which we create. It exposed me to so many different options of income that I wasn’t previously aware of.

To me, the most fitting choice of income would be as an employee of a film or tv production company. While there are several pro’s and cons, such as paid leave, financial stability and other benefits, but then the negatives being a more restrictive creative environment and working on company projects rather than your own, still this path would be a great option for an entry level filmmaker. According to the website PayScale, the average salary for an entry level film editor is $50,000. It is only when you are a successful producer director or any above the line role that you will earn a salary anywhere from $80,000 (PayScale). While this is desirable, realistically it would take years of experience, hard-work and a lot of luck to even come close to achieving this. So when thinking realistically about entering the industry, a lower salary can be expected. Other forms of income should also be considered to avoid instability, this could be a part-time job.

                            Learn to juggle 

In the previous week, we spoke about success and how to make yourself successful. In relation to income, I think the same principals can be applied. The industry is highly competitive and is certainly not easy to break into and it is only with enough perseverance, hard-work, a sense of community and luck that an income at all could be made possible. So how could we even get to this income?  Well a lot of self advertising and risk taking. For example another option of income would be to start your own business, whether it be on your own or with fellow students. For it to be successful, you’d already need to have some money to build the foundations or would be willing enough to take risks to end up making the income. Either way it is not something that can happen over night. A perfect example of this was mentioned in last weeks lecture: Three guys started a business and created games for years, all of which were unsuccessful, it was only when they nearly went broke and made their breakthrough game ‘Angry Birds’, that they became a success and earned money.


A Success Story    

If you only wanted to pursue your own art and have your own creative freedom, then a source of income is crucial, such as a day job, advertising or crowd funding. All of these options are practical and will provide income to support your work. While I would consider these options when trying to break into the industry, their are skills involved, specifically in advertising and forming a social network, that I do not have. This lecture has definitely widened my knowledge about how I can go about achieving an income. It has also reassured me that although it may be hard to break into the industry, it is deffinitely possible to earn an income doing what I love. you just need the passion, perseverance and commitment to follow it through and give it all you’ve got.


Entry Level Film / Video Editor Salary (Australia). (2016).

Film/TV Producer Salary (Australia). (2016).


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